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"Our customers purchase scrim, but they receive more than just scrim. They are receiving a brand new method of set up and a brand new style of presentation.

We understand the need of our customers, as we are apples from the same tree"


Welcome to Scrim King Europe

Scrim King is dedicated to mobile D.J. companies, staging companies, special event venues, banquet and convention facilities who are looking for an alternative. The concepts we offer, will transform your conventional lightshow, audio set upís and overall appeal.

Scrim King was conceived, with the intention of using unconventional methods for setting up mobile lighting and DJ products. We have seen so many attempts at creating a more visually appealing set up by many before us. Although many have succeeded in hiding wires, crank stands and truss posts, they have not created a versatile product as unique as ours. This is where we pride ourselves.
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